PAWS at Watermelon, 05/05/11

Desmond Prince gets leery.

After the release of ‘My Mother Says a lot of Things’, the atmosphere is understandably moist tonight in anticipation of the men from Fife’s first show since the events that have reshaped the live scene, and indeed the entirety, of this city. This is the first in a series of intimate shows the boys will be playing at undisclosed locations this month. Support came in the form of brand new Ska-Party A COWBOY CALLED A.J, but their blend of soft-shuffle and heavy brass, whilst technically competent, is nothing short of an insult to the crowd. The tension builds. A.C.C.A.J leave, their frontman clutching his breast.

Nobody’s really sure if Desmond Prince and chums will be able to deliver what has become their own brand of affray after all that’s happened. Can Paws reach the heights their record hints at? There is a murderous anxiety in Watermelon tonight.

The lights dim, the trademark howler monkey is projected onto the wall and in swaggers Desmond himself. After a brief diatribe against the supposed benefits of AV, there’s a smash of glass, a round of applause, and their opening track, ‘Baby, No’, lurches into its syncopated stride.

The audience are not won over immediately. They are straining at their leads, foaming at the mouth, tails erect. That’s why it’s a relief to see Desmond and co. pull out the choice, blood-soaked cuts tonight, sending the fifteen strong crowd into a rapturous, orgiastic ecstasy. You can almost taste the juices.

By the end of the night, after duly winning the crowd over, the leisurewear clad car thieves leave Glasgow having truly left their mark. The boozed-up punters stagger home, safe in the knowledge that after a bitter struggle with many demons, Desmond has redeemed himself. Could this be a return to the golden years of GHC? Overall, I would give tonight’s show a CAES, based on the CAESAR scoring system.

– Hames Jumphries


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