How Now Brown Bureaucrat?

The seven piece ska-party insult have released a new single and made it available for free online. It’s called Smash the Landlord! Burn his Property!, and you can have a listen below.

Mild-mannered bass sax player Desmond Prince told us “I’m just sick of the amount of thought that goes into tunes these days, y’know? I just wanna have a good time, so we put together something straight forward, something uncompromisingly unambiguous for everyone to have a bawl along to”. As offensive and poorly thought out as I find Desmond and his many lovers, he is absolutely on the money – this is a catchy number and sure to lead to the demise of slumlords everywhere.

Do not switch off your wireless. Do not touch the walls. Place all dead relatives in a sealed room on ground level.


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