FLAGS RAISED at Wintersgills, 13/05/11

Fred Dibnah has unsuccessfully tried to disassociate himself from Flags Braised on numerous occasions.

Groundbreaking ‘Dibnah-core’ 5-piece Flags Braised launched their new EP “Sex Tips for Dogs” in an evening that, while bloodied with charm, was ultimately utterly devoid of musical content. By the time acclaimed armonica player Desmond Prince got on stage, the time he had spent preparing himself had left the elegant tube of glass, at best, sparsely lubricated

However, the rest of the Cambusbarron Boys rallied and by the time they got to their tail-end crowd pleasers, the more die-hard “dibbers” were donning flatcaps and aggressively re-pointing some of the brickwork so recently devastated by the event which shook the central belt of Scotland from Auchtermuchty to Kirkcudbright. Tonight’s venue, Wintersgills, was one of the first buildings re-erected, thanks in part to tonight’s tour consisting of Flags Braised and fellow brickwork enthusiasts HATEBONER and Latheglazer.

The dibbing reached fever pitch during the armonica outro to breakthrough single “Pintle-mounted Pepper Pot”, and as Desmond Prince turned to lead Flags Braised from the stage there were roars from the crowd for a rendition of the Latheglazer classic “No Dill On My Money”.

This request was turned down and the evening came to an abrupt end, the enraged fans leaving en masse to attend the traditional after-shed to which this author was violently denied access.

“Sex Tips for Dogs” is out now on Cowboy Bastard.

-Frankie De Tori


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