SOCIAL CIRCKLE at The 13th Note, 23/05/11


And so it went that I donned my gladrags and stoated along to the 13th note to witness Social Circkle’s “big dick style rock show”, as the flyer that had made its way to my coat pocket advertised. I prepared for the arse of mediocrity to be welted fucking wads. Much to my dismay, the only arse garnering a spanking was mine own and mine wallet as I was thwacked with the steep entry fee of £14. Thanks to a recent bout of crime (A.C.AB.) however, my wallet was fat with profit and I swanned through the gate to be greeted by an altogether jolly gathering of audiophiles, MUSICIANS and lagers.

Anyway, to the gig, to the gig coverage. I think there was more than one band playing but in truth I don’t really know, I’ve listened to so much chun, most of everything else I hear sounds so tired I cannot diffentiate no more. So, from here on out this review of Social Circkle, and it is a review, refers to an unidentified quantity of musical groups under the single moniker. Personal issues aside, I was struck by Social Circkle’s dismally sparse use of the double bass kick pedal, one of the official pillars of a fuckin’ gr8 time, which left a bit too much room for guitars that outright refused to chun hard enough for my liking ( that would be, ” ’ard as they come”). I’m not even sure the guitar was plugged in now I mention it. I am sure it wasn’t being made the most of. Personal issues between myself and Desmond Prince aside it was all in all a pretty nice gig, and to the man whom I saw with two pints of beer at once, one in either hand: “Good idea mate, will be trying that myself next time”

Gig is rated as f for four out of five.

– Julio “Mind the Gap” Iglesias


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