RADIATION LINE at Mono Cafe Bar, 30/05/11


Walking through the counties not two days ago I came across a donkey milling about the back garden of a rather large estate, not far from the town of Bury St. Edmunds-on-Crouch. Around him were scattered numerous children’s toys and other possessions, and in the breeze rippling through his soft, lovely ears, a pair of white, georgian French doors gently swung on their hinges. And in all honesty, I couldn’t help but feel this Donkey had done remarkably well for himself.

Pop-punk trio Radiation Line failed abysmally to convey the subtleties of this remarkable parable tonight, and I left a very angry man. I just feel more people need to hear about this donkey, but clearly the girls lack the fortitude to encounter the issues that arise from it head on. Furthermore I honestly dread to think who’s going to clean up Mono after that performance – I totally get the whole ‘You’se are all a bunch of pricks for showing up in the first place’ vibe but really now, syrup? It was all over my legs and shit and I just couldn’t enjoy myself.

I was actually at this gig but all the same I am going to give this review an I for Incredulous. Needless to say, all members of the Radiation Line have made ‘the list’.


About Xavier Boucherat

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