THE POLIS at a Peaceful Protest at Strathclyde University, 02/06/11

Sting lost his shit earlier when he straight up punched a girl in the eye – see below at around 1:03. To be fair though, we should all really know by now that nothing makes the Worldbeat wonder angrier than a crowd of peaceful citizens concerned about the state of something so trivial as their ‘future’.

The cleverest among you will already know that this video actually syncs perfectly with his 1999 hit ‘Desert Rose’, which I include below.

Actually I showed someone all this that I have done, this blog, and they called me stupid. And that might be true but this is really quite stupid as well. But also i’m still not sure what ACAB means, i’m going to go with ‘Absolutely! Cannae Annihilate Bastard-man?’. Aw fuck.


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