Paddy Connolly is thinking of opening a library for impoverished Glasgow youth.

It’s not particularly surprising how far Paddy ‘Bad Touch’ Connolly has come since his break-through performance at 2008’s Fringe. Since then the extranet has been awash with a thousand variations on ‘I can’t believe nobody’s ever exploited surly irish drunks for comedy value before’ . In response, Paddy has frequently and aggressively denied the existence of any form or description of ‘the craic’, thus lending an intellectual dimension to his juvenile pummelling.

What am I saying. Tonight would of been excellent were it not for that incessant hollering, courtesy of two-bit-buggers Streets of Rage. Alright lads fucking, yeah, taps aff and so on and well done but seriously, showing up just to smash a comedian in his prime? At one point, Connolly is on the cusp of the punchline of his legendary ‘Me and My Mother’s trip to Fannin Street’ skit, when Desmond Prince and co. launch into a ‘wig-out’ that I can only describe as ‘Unsavoury, possibly untrue’. This particular act of ‘Paddy-Bombing’ actually made Rick from Jackie Onassis cry. Straight up.

I was definitely somewhere when all of this happened. I’d give it a V for Violently Average. Below is a sample of the sabotaged performance. I don’t want anything to do with you.


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1 Response to PADDY CONNOLLY’S REAL, ACTUAL VARIETY HOUR at Stereo, 02/06/11

  1. Paddy says:

    yer fanny’s full of maggots.

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