CROC VS. CROC at The Vic, 03/06/11


Compose yourself and tell me what happened?

No. There are those who feel the truth is a song the sparrow sings when the wise and the feeble fall out of their beds. My institution feels differently – the truth is the foam that spews out of the gutters when the wider world takes issue with frivolous history, and I am determined to soak myself in it.

Recite for me the chant that all who attended this event were greeted with upon their arrival firstwise circular?

‘Hail heaven, hail the beast,

Beware the river, for your soul she shall reap,

Others more terrible hide in the deep,


Reveal to me the meaning behind this paralysing salutation?

It is unspeakable, as is the remainder of events that proceeded forthwith.


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