TENNISCOATS @ Garnethill Community Centre, 18/06/11

This place will make you throw up in joy.

Much-loved petty criminals Cry Parrot took a huge risk last Saturday when instead of booking something so meagre as a headline band to play at Garnethill Community Centre, ‘Where all your dreams come true simultaneously’, Fielding ‘Shifty’ Hope transformed two house sparrows into a husband and wife duo from Japan with a basic but pleasing mastery of their instruments.

Results were positive. Below is a video of the pair performing Baibaba Bimba, detailing the hardships of trying to make ends meet in a small Japanese fishing town. What a pair of sparrows would know about this escapes me, but i’m tried of trying to figure this shit out, it’s bewildering enough as it is.

This was all really nice until that guy from Franz Ferdinand who keeps showing up to stuff with a Stella in each hand and a wider grudge against the world yelled Taps Aff (‘I believe it would benefit us all to divest ourselves of our over-garments’), at which point the illusion was dispelled and the pair flew off into the glittering Garnethill night. Perhaps they will never grace us with their overwhelmingly charming presence again, and I’m having trouble dealing with this.

I really was at this gig! Imagine that. I’d give it an I for ‘Impossible’ . Good luck to Cry Parrot in their upcoming court case – all I can really say is, selling Stella 4 that really did fall off the back of a van is a victimless crime, and i’ll certainly be trying that myself at some point.


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