I was actually at Mono when young glam-prog upstarts Mega Burrito rocked up at mono, furs an all, and started setting up a battered P.A on stage to assault the sensibilities of everyone present. This is all done with bowel-busting efficiency – before I can even say ‘Hold the guac, asshole!’, the reprobates have burst into ‘cult classic’, ‘A Hardened Man of Age and Experience’, a 40-minute tribute to the frontman himself, Desmond Prince.

It’s a lengthy one, featuring the kind of theatrics the quintet have earned their dodgy-smelling rep for. Towards the end the sensational set, Prince removes his top, handcuffs himself to the bar taps and screams at the crowd to hurl the salad handed out previously at his heaving mammaries. By the end of the night the man is a shivering, orgiastic wreck, barely able to breathe.

This was a real gig with real consequences for all men of all diets. I’d give this gig a T for ‘This shit is getting out of hand’. LISTEN NOW! Get back in the kitchen and leave it to others to ‘ride the lightning’, as some (persist in) say (ing).

Can you still buy those purple poppies from mono to commemorate the souls of all the horses and cattle who died in wars all over? Crazy hippies! I’ll take two.

Visit today for all the luscious burrito madness you could ever hope for!


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2 Responses to GLASGOW MEGA BURRITO @ Mono, 25/06/11

  1. J.Quimby says:

    All homemade burritos on mega burrito are vegan. I live with my Girlfriend who has been vegan for over 8 years.

    • Patrick Ulysses says:

      That’ll be the FUCKING INTERN not getting his shit straight again, apologies for that! We’ve gone ahead and removed his ludicrously bad taste name-based jokes an all. He’ll be getting a royal spanking later on today rest assured.

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