These murders were released for the day to enjoy the previews.

And so it was that I rocked up to this porta-cabin in Bistro Square full of trained otters to get a few breakfast gins, but they had other ideas. They offered me tickets to Paul Daniels, and a large selection of shows featuring David Schwimmer doing things that I usually do myself, like trying to get through Lady Chatterly’s lover and screaming at the neighbours upstairs for going at it too loudly. I refused and went home for the day, but not before buying out Paul Daniels’ entire run (I’m not going), and throwing my breakfast Burger King through the booth window. A result for me then.

I saw a man with the words ‘Safety Inspector’ written on his hi-viz supervising a man balancing on a pallet being hoisted by a 50 ton forklift surrounded by members of the public. Good one mate! Funniest thing i’ve seen all fringe.

-Bill Lynnot


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